Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bits and Pieces on Inventive Step, Biotech Patenting, Big Data and Derisking Biotech

1. Here’s a slightly old, but interesting, article we discovered from the Singapore Academy of Law on ‘The Future of Inventive Step in Patent Law’.

2. Today our post ‘An Overview of Biotech Patenting’ was published on K2/Keltie’s blog IPCopy. Our intention was to set the scene for a series of articles which will explore the idiosyncrasies of biotech patenting and how it needs to fit into commercial considerations.

3. We came across this HBR article ‘Let Data Ask Questions, Not Just Answer Them’ which is about use of big data for hypothesis generation, rather than finding solutions. Clearly big data has a lot of evolution to do before it can be fully utilised.

4. We think ‘Target Practice’ on the Life Sci VC blog asks a lot of pertinent questions for people setting up biotech companies. It summarises the commercial considerations that need to go into research projects and suggests approaches that help to minimise risk.

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