Monday, 27 October 2014

Bits and Pieces: Divided Patent System, Expectation of Success, Due Diligence, Access to Medicines

Here are recent articles we wrote or found interesting, as well as blog sites you may find interesting.

1. Lemley’s continuing analysis of US litigation stats now looks at outcomes of litigation in different technology sectors. ‘Our Divided Patent System?’ finds that pharmaceutical patent owners do much better than software or biotech.

2. Our most recent article on IPKat is ‘Obviousness, common general knowledge and expectations of success: Leo gets a mauling’ which reports the UK decision Teva v Leo and asks questions about what this recent case says about the way UK Courts look at inventive step on pharmaceutical cases.

3. Our most recent article on the IPCopy blog is ‘‘Expectation of Success’ as Part of Inventive Step Analysis’ which discusses the need to look at expectation of success when looking at inventive step of biotech inventions and wonders whether the UK Courts are doing this as they should.

4. We think fieldfisher’s IP blog is interesting, see here.

5. IPWatchdog’s article ‘Effectively Sourcing and Diligencing an IP Investment’ provides interesting perspectives on IP in a commercial situation.

6. A report from a South African summit on access to medicines provides a developing world perspective on the issue (see here).

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