Friday, 3 January 2014

10 Points from Burrill’s Biotech Predictions for 2014

These points are taken from an article on the Burrill Report website.

1. The IPO market will cool to around 30 in the next year, as investors look more at a company’s present value rather than its prospects.

2. Biotech will raise $110 billion, slightly more than in 2013.  Crowdfunding will start to be taken advantage of by early stage companies.

3. For M&A, big biotechs will take on the role of big pharma in becoming buyers of small companies.

4. Pharma will continue to externalise their research, with early stage partnering with biotech companies and academic institutions.

5.  Increased dealmaking will happen in emerging markets as drugmakers revise their strategies for doing business there.

6. NIH funding will continue to be constrained forcing researchers to look at other sources of funding.

7. Drugmakers and CRO’s are moving to adaptive clinical trial design allowing them to modify studies based on data that is being collected.

8. The FDA will approve around 30 new drugs in 2014.  Biosimilar issues will become more important in the US where the approval pathway has still not been defined.

9. Diagnostics- and drug- makers will need to increasingly demonstrate value as buyers push for value-based pricing.

10.  Digital health care and provision of health care will continue to evolve with costs become more and more important to contain.

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