Monday, 2 February 2015

Our IPKat Posts on the USPTO Guidance, China, Forsgren's SPC and Biotech Financing

We've been writing for the IPKat blog. Here are some of our recent posts on that blog:

The New USPTO Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility

This post briefly describes the latest guidance based on the Mayo, Myriad and Alice cases, giving a brief history of how 'eligibility' has evolved from the Bilski case onwards.

China's IP journey: from 'bad guys' to 'good guys' to patent superpower

A brief history of how China's patent system developed, often in line with its own interests, and what other countries might learn from it.

Forsgren's SPC; what does the marketing authorisation have to say about the active ingredient

This reviews a recent decision on an SPC from the CJEU, and places it in the context of SPC case law.

Biotech financing: the risk components, 'going long' and patents as knowledge currency

A review of the early stage financing landscape in the area of therapeutics and how collaborations and ecosystems are becoming increasingly important, thus changing the way that patents are used.

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