Friday, 6 December 2013

Top 10 Websites About Science Policy and Commercialising Research

We’ve chosen these websites as useful science resources on the internet.  They relate to how governments and other institutions are thinking about science policy, science projects they are funding and research that is available for commercialisation. We have not listed websites from specific universities or research institutes which are also a rich resource of information about commercialisable science.  We are UK based and so our perspective is admittedly a UK and European one.

1.  The United Nations’ Science Page (see here).  This is about science which is relevant to the UN’s policies.

2.  The European Union’s Science Projects (see here).  This is the science being funded by the EU.

3.  US Government website (see here).  There are clearly a lot of science related US government websites.  This one shows science which is being funded by the US government.

4.  UK Research Councils’ website (see here).  This is a portal that provides a search facility for publically funded research in the UK.

5. UK Parliament Research Briefings (see here).  This is a useful indicator of what the UK government wants to know about science.

6.  _connect Pipeline (see here).  A searchable portal for finding technologies from UK universities and research institutions.

7.  Bilat (see here).  A portal about projects involving countries that have science and technology agreements with the EU.

8.  Japan Science and Technology Agency (see here).  The JST is implementing the Japanese governments Science and Technology Basic Plan.

9. The Russian Government website (see here).  This is not a science portal as such, but does have a lot of information about Russian policies towards science.

10. Science Europe (see here).  This provides policy information about science in Europe.

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