Thursday, 17 October 2013

Top 10 Patent and Commercial Biotech Blogs

Here’s our list of favourite blogs, and why they are so good.  When choosing and ranking we’ve placed particular emphasis on whether they provide interesting articles on a very regular basis.

1.       IPKat. This is THE blog for UK and European IP developments. Fast-moving, insightful, cheeky and thought-provoking.  Unparalleled for diversity and quality in the IP blog world. Multi-authored.

2.       Life Sci VC. Bringing order and stats to the chaotic world of biotech investing.  Every aspect of commercial biotech is tackled in insightful and evidence-based ways.

3.       PatentlyO. Doggedly analysing US patent law developments in a very informative way.

4.       IPWatchdog.  Strong opinions on US patent and innovation issues. Multi-authored.

5.       Xconomy. Fast-moving diverse articles on innovation and investing. Multi-authored.

6. [Update: this blog is no longer online]       The Big Red Biotech.  It’s strength is capturing all commercial biotech developments, analysed with a concise informed wisdom.

7.       FierceBiotech. Comprehensive news from the world of commercial biotech. Multi-authored.

8.       In the Pipeline. Interesting, thoughtful, everyday thoughts on diverse pharma topics, from bench research to pharma scandals.

9.  [Update: this blog is online but no longer being kept up to date]       K’s Law.  Focused on European Patent Office case law developments, but well written and professional.

10.   IP finance.  Diverse set of articles around commercial IP issues. Multi-authored.

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