Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Top Tech Blogs

Tech blogs have huge numbers of visitors and are therefore an important way of disseminating news about the latest developments in technology. We’ve listed the most popular and our favourites below.

1. Mashable - 24 million visitors a month.

2. Gizmodo – 23.5 million visitors a month.

3. TechCrunch – 15 million visitors a month. We like this site. Whilst many articles are on very specific developments or new phone releases, there are also articles which are analyse the overall trends to understand what is happening in the tech space.

4. Engadget – 14 million visitors a month.

5. Wired – 13 million visitors a month. We like the mix of articles the Wired provides, with the odd political, social or historical story thrown into the tech topics.

6. TechRepublic – 4.5 million visitors a month.

7. VentureBeat – We like this site for articles that provide analysis of the tech space.

8. Fast Company – Not really a tech blog, but nicely written articles on new developments in lots of different areas.

9. Techdirt – a political blog with a lot interesting reactions and opinions to everything that is happening.

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